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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – Convicted killer Pam Hupp may not see a courtroom until 2022. On Monday, her defense attorneys withdrew her motion for a speedy trial in the Betsy Faria murder case.

Hupp, who’s already serving a life sentence for the 2016 murder of Louis Gumpenberger, was charged this past July with her friend Betsy’s murder from 2011.

Russ Faria was at the Lincoln County Courthouse to see today’s outcome. He has not missed a court date involving Pam Hupp.

“I have to see this through. I’m still fighting for justice and want to make sure everything is done right and also offer the prosecution any kind of help I can provide,” he said.

Russ Faria served three years in prison after a wrongful conviction for his wife Betsy’s murder.

Lincoln County Prosecutor Mike Wood has now charged Pam Hupp with her murder. He says the evidence pointed Hupp’s way all along. Today, Wood and assistant prosecutor Dulany Harms were prepared to set an evidentiary hearing date 30 days out. Today’s update means a delay.

“Defense counsel withdrew their motion for a speedy trial. That will move the case out a little longer,” Wood said. “That way they would have the opportunity to go through some of the evidence that we’ve turned over.”

Harms added: “I personally have been through 40 boxes—legal boxes, front to back—of all the evidence and, you know, you can imagine 15,000 pages. We have more we’re going to get. We still have medical records we’re looking for and some other prison records.

“I’m looking forward to a preliminary hearing. I’m anxious and it’ll easily show that we have probable cause to present this case to a jury.”

Faria said, “I want to hear everything they’ve got.”

Faria was joined today by Carol McAfee, who was Pam Hupp’s intended victim from 2016. Hupp was caught on surveillance video trying to lure McAfee, before Hupp lured Gumpenberger and shot him to death. In June 19, 2019, McAfee told us during an exclusive interview, “She was really going to kill me.”

Russ and Carol are now a couple, as first reported by FOX 2 this past May. Carol says she no longer attends Hupp’s hearings for herself. She comes to support Russ.

“I would love nothing more than to see him to get justice for Betsy and everything they went through,” she said.

Russ added: “Obviously, I go through a lot of emotions. Sometimes, anytime something like this comes up, and especially this location where we are, I spent so much time and it’s nice knowing I’ve got someone I can lean on and that’s got my back.”

It’ll be at least February before we’re back in court for Pam Hupp’s next hearing, one in which she may appear herself.