ST. LOUIS – In 2020, Pam Hupp lost a $3 million civil judgment payable to Louis Gumpenberger’s mom. Hupp shot and killed Gumpenberger in 2016.

With Hupp in prison for life, no one expected the judgment to pay off a dime. Yet a payment from Hupp just arrived at the law office of the attorney who secured the civil judgment.

Attorney Gary Burger said he yelled with excitement in his office.

“I’m like, ‘We got money! We got money from Pam Hupp!’ The check says from Pam Hupp’s account in prison,” he said.

Burger said he just got the payment from what Hupp earned working in prison.

“That’s her money,” Burger said. “That’s not from the state or anybody. That’s her money. We’re taking it from her and we’re going to keep taking it from her.”

It’s no $3 million, which is the judgment Burger got in 2020 on behalf of Louis Gumpenberger’s mother, Margaret Burch. But the $783 he hopes is just the beginning of what he’ll intercept.

“Under the garnishment rules, you can only come in and clean a bank account every once in a while,” Burger said. “It’s like a 90-day period. So, we’ll do another one. We’re going to keep after it.”

Hupp earned the money working as a tutor inside the Chillicothe Correctional Center. The garnishment checks should keep coming as long as Hupp keeps tutoring.

Viewers have asked what happened to the $150,000 Pam Hupp got after the murder of Betsy Faria — her life insurance proceeds, which had just been signed over into Hupp’s name, days before the 2011 murder. Hupp told police she still had that money when O’Fallon, Missouri detectives questioned her about Gumpenberger’s 2016 murder.

“I still have it. Everyone knows I still have it,” she told detectives in the August 16, 2016, police interview.

Three days later, an evidence photo indicates Hupp gave the money to her son. A handwritten note says Hupp’s then business “H2 Partners LLC is giving Travis Victor Hupp a loan in the amount of $122,574.84. Interest to be paid at the rate of $5 a year.”

Missouri Secretary of State Records show that business – H2 Partners – only exists in Hupp’s ex-husband’s name, which makes the money impossible to garnish under that $3 million judgment.

Gumpenberger’s mom, however, said it made her day when she learned about the unexpected garnishment.

Pam Hupp also faces a murder charge for Betsy Faria’s 2011 stabbing death. She was charged last year with that murder and Lincoln County Prosecutor Mike Wood said he’ll seek the death penalty.

We may see a preliminary hearing this fall.