Patients flood the state with applications for medical marijuana

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The state of Missouri is approving medical marijuana cards by the thousands right now as the drug will be available to purchase in the next few months.  The Department of Health and Senior Services hasn't said when dispensaries will open only that it will be this spring.  Some doctors are certifying patients who don't even have a qualifying condition while others are giving patients who need the drug hope.

We spoke with two patients who went to Canna Therapy MD to become certified for a medical marijuana card.  One teenager suffers from cerebral palsy and a 49-year-old man has a seizure disorder.  The families of both are hoping the correct dosage of marijuana will help their overall quality of life.

Doctors at Canna Therapy MD require a patient to provide all medicines and medical records from their past.  They make sure the patient shows a history of one of the qualifying conditions as required by the state for a card.  About 20 percent of the people who go there are turned down because they don't qualify.

Some groups across the state are approving medical marijuana cards without seeing a person's medical records.  The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is receiving about four thousand applications a month and has already approved about 30,000 cards.


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