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The mother of a man with disabilities shot and killed by Pam Hupp won a $3 million wrongful death judgment today.  Fox 2 was the only news source in the courtroom when it happened.

Margaret Burch was shaking with emotion so intensely on the stand – the podium shook with her.

Her attorney, Gary Burger, said, “In a word – powerful. I mean she spoke from the heart. She’s lived this, the love for her lost son, what she’s done through the circus that Pam Hupp has put her through,”

Burger represented Burch in one of the first in person hearings inside the St. Charles County Courthouse since the pandemic.

It will be four years ago in August when only Fox 2 captured Pam Hupp’s arrest for murdering Louis Gumpenberger.  Hupp had tricked Gumpenberger into thinking he could make some quick cash. Hupp lured the man with disabilities into her O’Fallon, MO home, then shot him to death inside her bedroom.

Hupp is now sentenced to life in prison, but that’s not enough for Burch.  She said on the stand today her grandson (Louis’ son) “still has nightmares.”  She said he worries all of the time and “misses that daddy can’t spoil him anymore.”  She added “Pam got off easy.”

Hupp had the chance to appear.  She was served nine months ago in her prison cell.  She did not respond.  The Judge told Burch how sorry he was.  He awarded her a $3 million judgment.  It may never be collected — unless Pam Hupp makes money on her infamy. 

Burger added, “We don’t want Pam Hupp to profit off of her crimes and her murder and so this will dissuade her from that.  If that would ever happen the first $3 million goes to Margaret and to Louis’ son.”

Burch said her grandson, now 15, looks just like Louis.  She hope’s today’s court victory will help bring him a little more peace.