ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office is accusing officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department of lying about an attempted carjacking of a marked police vehicle.

On Tuesday, city prosecutors showed video evidence they had obtained.

The incident reportedly happened March 19 and the story quickly spread across the country – reports that two St. Louis officers encountered a man with a gun who tried to carjack them. Meanwhile, the circuit attorney’s office said it received little help from police when it investigated the matter and ultimately uncovered a different story.

“If not for police body-worn cameras and business surveillance footage, the truth of this matter would have never seen the light of day,” said Redditt Hudson, a prosecutor with the Circuit Attorney’s Office.

Hudson and CAO Chief Warrant Officer Chris Hinckley said they watched reports on the news before they got evidence from police. Hinckley said their first evidence from police came in the form of four hours of bodycam footage from that day.

Hinckley played a clip where you could hear an officer yell to other officers, “He walked up to my car and put the —- gun like this at my window!”

The body camera did not capture the alleged incident because the officer was driving, but it did capture repeated claims afterwards.

The officer yelled again at one point after the incident, telling other officers, “He came charging like this!”

Later that morning, you can hear the officer talking about it again, saying, “He didn’t know it was a police car. He literally ran up to the car and put the gun to the window.” At the station, you could hear him tell other officers, “He ran up towards the car, like, full speed.”

The police car did not have a dashcam installed yet. Hinckley said officers never canvassed nearby businesses to find anyone with surveillance video. The Circuit Attorney’s Office did that investigating and came up with video of the alleged incident.

“This is nowhere near what he represented,” Hinckley said, as he showed the video to reporters.

He said the video shows someone trying to cross the road when a police car pulls up. That individual’s hands remain at their side the entire time.

“This case has been dismissed for good reason,” Hinckley said. “I hope to never see something like this enter the Circuit Attorney’s warrant office again.”

A police spokesperson said the department was unaware of these allegations against an officer until FOX 2 informed them of Tuesday’s news conference. The spokesperson said the department has requested the circuit attorney’s evidence and will conduct an internal review.

The local police union released a statement supporting the officers.

The St. Louis Police Officers’ Association (“SLPOA”) stands behind the two officers who are victims of a crime perpetrated on March 19, 2022. The SLPOA wants to [sic] why employees of the Circuit Attorney failed to present the perpetrator’s videotaped confession and the remainder of the body camera footage relating to the incident both of which fully and completely decimate the fairy tale narrative spun in today’s press conference. The truth will prevail.