Public pressure appears to have made a dent in controversial STL Mugshots website

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ST. LOUIS – is back in business but not without big changes.

The change appears to be the result of a teenager whose DUI mugshot was plastered all over the internet in 2019. The teen sued in a case that finally changed the way STLMugshots operates after many people stood up against the site.

From Jardena Green, who told us in 2018 she was posted on the site for failing to register her car, to Paul Peanick. They are two examples of people who stood up against the website STLMugshots in our previous Fox Files reports.

Peanick attempted to get the Missouri Attorney General’s Office to investigate after he felt extorted. He told us in 2018, “They offered to take both of them down for $550, or not to take them down but to de-index them, whatever that means. So, I paid them and within 48 hours they were gone.”

Public pressure seems to have made an effect. The man behind it, Edmund Tauk, repeatedly denied his involvement when we confronted him in 2018.

“One hundred percent not me,” he said. “The website is not mine. I’m telling you it’s not mine.”

He denied his involvement again in later phone calls, saying, “I’m telling you again, for the 500th time, I don’t own STLMugshots.”

Yet in an answer to two lawsuits, Tauk’s lawyer told the court, “defendant admits the allegations” of “doing business as STLMugshots.”

It appears to be the most recent lawsuit by an unnamed high school student that made the difference. STLMugshots went down this past April when the student’s lawsuit was resolved. It went back live just this month but is no longer posting bulk batches through the Regional Justice Information System (REJIS), rather it’s posting mugshots it’s obtaining through individual sunshine requests with police, meaning the volume of mugshots has slowed from a heavy stream to a trickle.

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