BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, Mo. – There are warnings about possible power outages tied to July’s flooding at an apartment complex in north St. Louis County. The Public Works Department says it’s found flooded electrical equipment was never replaced at the complex in Breckenridge Hills.

Management, meanwhile, not only blames residents for problems following July’s historic floods, they also threatened them with eviction for speaking out.

Residents at the 24-unit Glentown Apartments first complained of conditions last month. They said management followed up with a phone call, evicting all three apartment residents who spoke with FOX 2.

“The message said, ‘We warned you to stay quiet, now you’re evicted. You p***** the owner off,’” Lisa Monroe said.

FOX 2 later played the message to a worker who claimed to us he was one of the owners.

“Sweet, then we can renovate her apartment,” he said. “That’s awesome – first time hearing that one.”

The man would not give his name. He blamed residents for conditions, saying, “Once all the riff raff’s out of here, we’re in good shape – and that’s what we’re doing.”

However, St. Louis County Public Works has issued citations against management for working without permits and warning, this month, of possible disconnection of electrical service for “electrical violations” regarding “submerged electrical equipment,” which the county called “…a matter of public safety.”

“How are we going to live with no electric, when we can’t find another place?” Monroe said.

Monroe said she’d move, but a management’s eviction action shows up online, which scares other landlords.

“They look on Casenet and they see you have an eviction pending, because you’re waiting on your court date,” she said. “They don’t take you.”

Monroe is confident she’ll win in court, but her court date isn’t for two weeks and management’s locked her out of her basement storage space, where the electrical equipment flooded. She said that’s forced her to keep many of her belongings outside.

St. Louis County sees an even bigger problem, writing in its violation letter, “Some buildings have locked doors to prevent tenants from access to the (circuit breaker). This is a violation of the national electrical code.”

Monroe says her belongings have been out here since the end of July.

“We don’t have any room for it, and they took away our storage space and they locked us out and said, ‘Sorry, we’re not letting anybody back in there,’” she said.

FOX 2 called apartment management yet again, to see if we could reach someone other than the person who would not give us his name. We left a message on one number. Another number said the voicemail was full.

St. Louis County Public Works told us Monday the department may have no choice but to disconnect power at any moment, as it’s yet to see evidence of the required safety action.