HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A child was reportedly force-fed until she vomited at a north St. Louis County daycare. State regulators claim it happened while another caregiver watched. The incident was also caught on video.

It happened on Jan. 13, at the Lily Pad Learning Center Candle Light Lane in Hazelwood, where state investigators with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education documented caregiver Katrina M. King “forcing food in a child’s mouth.” The record says a 15-month-old appeared to be “crying or choking” on the video and that she “vomited onto a table,” all while a second caregiver reportedly “looks over” and “…observed Kat forcing food in (the child’s) mouth.”

The state inspection report also says the second caregiver was nearby on a carpet looking at her phone and that, “(She) does look towards (the child) but does not interact with her.”

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office charged King with felony abuse or neglect of a child for the incident. A grand jury indictment reads King was “…forcing food into the child’s mouth resulting in the child vomiting, shoving the child’s head towards the table, grabbing her by the arms resulting in bruising, and forcefully tossing her around before throwing her on a wooden changing table.”

We visited King’s home, which is about a mile north of the childcare facility. She did not answer the door. The state inspection report says she was immediately terminated after the incident was discovered, but there’s no indication of any action against the other worker.

FOX 2 inquired at Lily Pad about the second employee, and sought comment about the incident. A daycare representative offered no comment.