BOURBON, Mo. — A mother of three was left brain-damaged after a reported road rage incident last August. It took months for police to identify the possible attacker, who now faces a felony assault charge.

Jamie Peters is not the same person that her family has always known. She faces possible life-long rehab from brain trauma. Her boyfriend Cullen Oldham wheeled her into court recently for her first look at the man accused of assaulting her.

“We’re ready for trial. We’re ready for justice to come and the truth to come out,” said Oldham.

Jamie Peters

Road rage reportedly led to a confrontation on a road in Bourbon, Missouri. A witness testified during a May 5 preliminary hearing that he was driving by and saw a man and woman out of their cars arguing.

Justin Byrd told the court he saw the woman hit the ground as if she’d just been punched.

“Hey, you’re like nine times her [expletive] size,” Bryd yelled.

He said the suspect did not turn and look. Instead, he just took off, so Byrd could not fully identify him.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office said it found Joseph Voisey as the possible suspect by tracking his cell phone to within 130 meters of the crime scene, during the time of the assault.

Officers said they learned through search warrants that Voisey also Googled, “Can they charge you for assault in Missouri if they have no evidence it was you?”

When detectives brought Voisey in for questioning, they said the suspect alluded to a claim of self-defense. It was during a recorded interview, in which officers testified that Voisey also told them, “I would never intentionally harm someone. Freak accidents happen sometimes.”

Later in the interview, officers testified that Voisey said, “I don’t know what to do.”

Joseph Voisey

An investigator reportedly replied, “Do the right thing,” at which point they say Voisey answered, “Not if it’s going to affect my life for 30 years.”

Voisey’s defense attorney told FOX2 he and his client would not talk on camera, but in court, he countered that a responding EMS worker found a small black container in Jamie’s car and wondered if it contained meth.

It was handed to an officer who destroyed it, saying he did not have probable cause to believe it was meth.

The defense said this is relevant because he said, “Meth overdoses can cause brain damage.”

Jamie Peters’ family said the black container contained dried marijuana wax. The defense also painted Peters as the possible aggressor, pointing out that witness Byrd testified that she was closer to the man’s car, indicating she may have been confronting him.

Oldham is ready for a jury to decide, saying, “I feel like today’s the start of us getting justice for Jamie. It’s just the beginning. There was more evidence than I even knew of.”

The prosecutor also suggested at the hearing that Voisey said something during a jail phone call that was self-incriminating, though he didn’t say what it was. We may learn those details at the upcoming trial. The judge decided there was enough evidence to send the case to trial, which could happen as early as this month.

The judge decided there is enough evidence to send this case to trial and it’s scheduled for later this month.

Jamie Peters’ family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills.