Russ Faria talks about being out of jail and preparing for his new trial

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Former murder convict Russell Faria has been out of jail now for one week.  He’s already working a new job.  Only on FOX2 last week, we showed you his release on bond as he learned he`ll get a new trial.  It followed more than a year of investigations in our partnership with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Chris Hayes sat down with Faria who said, “I’m just readjusting to everything and trying to get back in touch, but it`s a nice feeling.”

He’s finding his new normal.  He added, “I`m enjoying getting up in the morning and frying an egg. The first morning I was back was one of the biggest excitements I had because I haven`t been able to use a stove or fry a real egg in three and a half years. So for me to have an egg sandwich that I cooked myself on the stove was a big accomplishment.”

He was sentenced to life in prison after a jury convicted him of the murder of his wife Betsy.  Our FOX2 investigations revealed new evidence, which was mentioned in a June 5th court order saying “The evidence is so material that it is likely to produce a different result at a new trial.”

Judge Steven Ohmer said that evidence included “statements of Pamela Hupp,” a friend of Betsy Faria who drove Betsy home the night of the murder.  Hupp also benefitted from proceeds of Betsy’s $150,000 life insurance policy.

I asked Russ, “What do you want the jury to know about this crime you`ve been accused of?”  He answered, “I want them to know the cell phone information that was blocked at the trial, my cell phone information, Pam Hupp`s cell phone information. I want her to be able to be questioned the way they she should have been questioned the first time.  Because she gave several different stories of where she was when she made a particular phone call and all of those stories were wrong because according to the cell phone tower pings, she was right outside of my house.”

He`ll wait four months for that new trial.  He`s already got a job telecommuting for a friend`s business in Phoenix, AZ.  He said prison was not as violent as his friends and family worried.  Faria explained, “There`s fights and there`s things that go on, but if you mind your own business and keep to yourself, people really aren`t going to bother you too much.”

Plus he said he had another unexpected advantage. “I had a dead man’s (identification) number.  You get a D.O.C. number that`s assigned to your throughout your life.  If you get out and come back, you still have the same D.O.C. number.  The only way they get recycled is if somebody dies.  So I obviously got one of those.  So mine was a six digit number that started with a three.  People would see that because it`s right on your I.D. and they think ‘Oh, this guy`s been around for a long time, so don`t mess with him’ Ha ha ha.”

He still wears his wedding ring and he says he still hopes the Lincoln County Sheriff`s Office will continue investigating. He said, “Yes, I know that they`re not since I`m currently still charged for the crime, but I hope that once I am acquitted that they`ll pick it back up.”

We’ve followed every twist and turn of this case for about two years now.  You can see the developments that led us here, by searching this Web site for “Faria murder.”

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