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LOS ANGELES, CA (KTVI) – The story of the Faria murder trial will take the national stage this week. A judge acquitted Russ Faria November 6th. The full story will appear on Crime Watch Daily, where I traveled with Russ Faria.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I sat down with Russ Faria in prison in 2014. This week, I sat next to him on an airplane. Faria and I flew into Los Angeles along with photographer Dave Sharp.

Faria will tell his story to a national audience this week. It`s not something that was remotely on his mind even two weeks ago. He said, “No, not until you called me last week and said hey this is what`s going on, these people want to talk to you, are you interested? I thought maybe there`d be some shows that would pick it up but I didn`t think it would happen so fast.”

He met with Crime Watch Daily producers, talking about his prison time, while I tracked audio for this week`s special report.

Then host Matt Doran introduced himself. He said, “How are you my friend. Great pleasure to meet you honestly.”
Russ Faria joined us and Doran said, “Nice to meet you.” Faria responded, “Lovely to meet you too.” Doran added, “How good do you look as a free man!”

We moved onto the glimmering Crime Watch Daily set and cameras focused in, while producers monitored from the control room.

Doran took us point by point through the Faria murder case and all of those unanswered questions.

After our taping Faria told me, “It feels good to be able to get it out there when I haven`t been able to speak for so long. So now I`m not locked away and I`m able to speak.

The nationally televised special report will air right here on Fox 2 at 2 PM Friday on Crime Watch Daily.