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CLAYTON, Mo. – St. Louis County Executive Sam Page held a news conference Wednesday outlining federal funds going to St. Louis County projects and he also addressed the sex tape and his former chief of staff’s resignation. However, after the news conference, details emerged during a surprise appearance.

“The act happened 20 feet away from Mr. Page’s desk, which is on the other side of the wall from (Calvin Harris’) office,” said St. Louis County Councilman Mark Harder.

Harder, along with County Councilman Tim Fitch crashed St. Louis County Executive Sam Page’s news conference Wednesday.

The County’s official video feed went black after Page answered a few questions about the sex tape. Fox 2’s camera continued rolling.

“Do you really believe that? Do you really believe the County executive didn’t say what videotape?” said Fitch. “What’s on the videotape? Where did this happen?”

He was responding to Page’s answers minutes earlier about the sex video which led to his former chief of staff’s resignation. Calvin Harris had issued a resignation letter, through the office last week, citing family reasons.

Page said Wednesday he always knew the real reason.

“The Highway Patrol came to the ninth floor to see Calvin Harris, and as soon as they left, I asked Cal what was up,” said Page. “He told me there was a video, and he would be resigning.”

Page is defending his office’s response last week, saying Harris’ resignation was what Harris wanted.

“That’s his statement. That’s not my statement,” he said.

Harder also addressed counter-allegations against him as he acknowledged he received the video from Republican Missouri Representative Shamed Dogan, who will run for the County Executive office this fall.

“This hasn’t been passed around like popcorn. This was handled with the utmost care,” said Harder. “That’s why we turned it over to the police. There could be a crime here, and we don’t want to do anything to stand in the way of this investigation.”

He said Rep. Dogan, who received the video from an anonymous concerned citizen, then sent it to him because Harder is his council rep and also chairs the ethics committee. Harder then consulted Fitch.

“That was the proper way to handle this,” said Fitch. “As soon as Councilman Harder brought it to me, and said ‘Hey, I’ve got this video, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it.’ I said this is potentially a crime Mark, you need to give it to the police.”

Jane Dueker, who’s running against Page in the August 2 Democratic Primary, said she wasn’t surprised to see Page’s Republican critics show up.

“There are Democrats and Republicans that are all lining up to say enough is enough,” said Dueker.

She said she was struck by Page’s acknowledgment he always knew the real reason why Harris was stepping down.

“The only reason he’s saying that now is because when it became clear that the real reason he resigned is the sex tape,” said Dueker. “He now says it was Cal Harris’ statement. Why did he allow him to put that statement out? Why would he enable him to put that statement out?”

During the press conference, Page said he asked for patience as they wait for law enforcement’s findings.

“We need to wait for the current investigation to tell us what happened,” said Page. “This is an incident that is between my former employee and Highway Patrol.”