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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – People were lined up to look at a house at the center of a spousal murder case in west St. Louis County. The Rothwell home went on the market this weekend for $359,900 and it’s already under contract.

In November 2019, FOX 2 captured a video of Beau Rothwell’s arrest at his home. St. Louis County police walked him out. He was then charged with the murder of his pregnant wife, Jennifer Rothwell.

Just 14 months after police found enough DNA evidence in the home to charge him, the Rothwell house—located at 12644 Northwinds Drive—hit the market. It quickly gathered thousands of views on Zillow. The 3,500 square-foot home even includes pictures of the basement, where police found DNA evidence, according to court records.

Fox 2 wanted to find out if the disclosure statement mentioned the home’s history.  We obtained it from an independent agent and found it states,”There was a death in the home,” despite the fact Missouri law does not require telling buyers. It is Missouri law to answer if a home was used as a meth lab, but not if there was a murder.

We then reached out to the listing agent who told us it’s still important to tell people the truth. In her case she explained that everyone who contacted her about the Rothwell home said they already knew the history – from Google.

FOX 2 contacted several agents, who agreed that even though it’s not Missouri law that you are required to disclose a murder in a home, it’s not something you can really hide. They explained that if you have to ask yourself whether something should be disclosed – that means you should disclose it.

In the case of a tragedy, like in the Rothwell case, they explained that neighbors will say something to prospective buyers at some point and if you try to hide something, it will not only jeopardize the closing, but it will also shatter all trust.

Murder suspect Beau Rothwell, who signed the seller’s disclosure, has a hearing next Friday when we may hear a development in his case.