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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – A St. Charles County, MO Judge sentenced 24-year-old Tiffany Piper to eight years in prison for selling two high school girls for sex.  It was an elaborate and lucrative sex trade that that sold young girls.

Piper pulled her coat over her head, cigarette in hand, as she walked into Court with her Mom.  Piper told the Court how she sold two suburban High School girls for sex in June of 2012.  She explained how she managed the sex business and placed ads online, inviting guys to pay for sex with teens in a St. Peters Extended Stay America.

Tiffany Piper is known as the sister of Bianca Piper, the Lincoln County, MO girl who’s been missing since 2005.  Bianca was 13 at the time.  It’s a tragic coincidence, but something happened to Tiffany after Bianca vanished.  These sex ads popped up online.   Someone was trafficking Tiffany Piper for sex.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar said, ‘That`s what makes it difficult in this case. There`s a spectrum in these cases where someone can go from victim to perpetrator and that`s what we have in this case.  At some point she was no longer a victim in this case, because she perpetrated the same crimes that were perpetrated upon her.”

In April, a Judge sentenced Piper`s accomplice, Demond Day to just five years.  Prosecutor Lohmar explained how Piper is getting more time, because the evidence pointed more directly to her.  Lohmar said, ‘Anytime you have an operation like this that is fairly complex, you always have different roles, different participants. Her role in this particular case, she was the enforcer as you said.  She is the person who made direct contact with the girls who were working with her as a prostitute. She made contact with the customers, so to speak, so she was definitely the face of the organization.”

Lohmar can`t say who first trafficked Piper, or who worked above her, because Piper never said.  The Prosecutor explained,  “The way that this business is sorted as it is, it just lends itself to that- somebody is going to be on the ground, somebody is going to be doing the dirty work and somebody else is going to benefit and profit from that.”

After a Judge sentenced her to 8 years, Piper turned around and mouthed the words, ‘I love you,’ to her Mom and Grandmother, before a Deputy put her in shackles and walked her away.

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