ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Police say a teen suspect just charged for a suburban gas station robbery made an astounding claim when arrested.

The teen said he and four other teenagers targeted around 20 gas stations last Sunday. A FOX Files exclusive revealed one of those was an armed encounter caught-on-camera in St. Charles.

Three teens are now charged in connection with the St. Charles robbery. All of them reportedly told police they are habitual offenders.

Larry Chrum, Chief Trial Attorney for the St. Charles County Prosecutor said, “These are individuals who chose this way of life, and they’re going to be addressed in the courts.”

Chrum added, “This wasn’t a crime of opportunity. It was a very calculated crime.”

18-year-olds Lance K. Campbell & Torreon McCottrell, along with 19-year-old Darnell Cline, are identified by police as members of the “Big 5” criminal street gang.

The St. Charles gas station suspects reportedly hopped on nearby Route 370 after the incident. One suspect, according to court records, admitted to police he fired his gun into the air to scare off a witness following them.

“They put everybody in danger,” said Chrum. “They put our citizens and our community in danger. It’s just something that St. Charles won’t stand for.”