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ST. LOUIS –Missouri has again revoked the driver’s license of a St. Louis alderman who was already revoked. FOX 2 got to the bottom of how that’s possible.

The answers didn’t come from the alderman himself. We caught up with Alderman John Collins-Muhammad shortly after he left a public safety meeting.

“What’s changed since we caught you driving on a revoked license?” reporter Chris Hayes said.

“Is your plan to ambush me at work?” Alderman Collins-Muhammad said.

Hayes responded: “Is your plan to continue to drive on a revoked license?”

FOX 2 first caught the alderman driving on a revoked license on January 23. He didn’t know we were behind him when he texted us, “I’m currently in meetings.”

Missouri Department of Motor Vehicle records obtained by Fox 2 News shows the state acted against Alderman Collins-Muhammad again, the day after our previous FOX Files report.

State records say “revocation” and “action is pending as of 1-24-2020.”

The alderman’s driving record includes 17 state actions and court convictions for driving without a license. Also, despite what he told us last month by phone, when he said, “I always have insurance,” the state driving record shows one of his citations was for “false insurance proof.”

You may be asking: how do you revoke the license of someone who’s already revoked? A DMV representative explained that enforcement and accountability do not stop just because someone’s already lost their driving privileges.

Questions remain about the alderman’s January 21 traffic stop after he was pulled over for speeding in a travel safe zone. Collins-Muhammad told FOX 2 he was not arrested but wouldn’t say how he got out of it or who drove him home.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is continuing an internal affairs investigation into the alderman’s traffic stop.