CLAYTON, Mo. – The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has a problem — 114 of them.

The office must resubmit 114 traffic cases because the original prosecutor who signed off on them is not an active member of the Missouri Bar.

The employee in question, whom FOX 2 has decided not to name, had just been rehired this past June after retiring due to an illness.

“A clerk in the courts noticed the cases were being kicked back when they entered his bar number,” said Chris King, the spokesman for the prosecuting attorney’s office and chief prosecutor Wesley Bell.

King said the employee listed in his personnel file that he was an active member of the bar, but he actually is not, so it was his error. It’s unclear if the prosecutor’s office did any type of verification.

“Given the fact that he was part of the office for 25 years and was coming back in as a retiree, it came as a surprise to us and the courts,” King said.

King said the part-timer’s license is considered inactive because he did not complete the state’s mandated 15 hours of continued legal education. The employee is now undergoing that training.

“It’s not like his law license was ever revoked or suspended. There’s no history of no bad acting as an attorney,” King said.

The prosecutor’s office said it will resubmit all 114 traffic cases. Cases dismissed by the part-timer will be dismissed again. Dispositions signed by the inactive lawyer are being vacated, and resubmitted by the supervising attorney.

The office plans to have the part-time employee return after he receives the state’s training and is active again.

“We didn’t ask him to leave because he’s a good attorney,” King said. “We want him here moving these traffic cases.”

The part-time job did not include any criminal cases, according to the office spokesman.

The prosecutor’s office said it has notified the St. Louis County’s presiding judge and the State Supreme Court Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.