ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Circuit Court and Circuit Attorney’s Office both want a man back in custody who was just released after a violent incident.

On Jan. 7, two men were trying to steal cars at a Conoco gas station at Gravois and Interstate 55, when one of them was shot and killed by a car owner. The surviving suspect was arrested, charged with tampering, and released from custody.

Now, a grand jury has added a murder charge, and authorities want him back in custody.

Michael Bradley Murphy, 48, is now wanted for second-degree murder. It was the city’s first murder of 2023. Court records say Murphy was with Jesse Lopez, who was shot and killed during their alleged crimes.

On Feb. 13, city prosecutors charged Murphy with tampering with a motor vehicle. Two days later, a judge allowed Murphy to be released on personal recognizance, meaning the defendant would promise to return to court when asked. The grand jury added the murder charge on March 21.

A FOX 2 reporter was present in court when Murphy’s public defender called out his name to be seen by the judge on the new charge. Murphy did not answer, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The car owner who shot Murphy’s alleged co-conspirator was also charged with second-degree murder. However, he didn’t stick around to talk to police after the murder, and was later captured in St. Charles County.

The Conoco, meanwhile, has continued to face violence, with a reported murder inside the gas station on the evening of Jan. 16. Court records say a man was stalked and shot while paying for his soda.