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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A huge watch party for next year’s Super Bowl is already planned for downtown St. Louis. Thousands are expected to jam the new Ballpark Village to watch the game on the giant TV screen. FOX 2 has an exclusive look inside with a special tour from the team president, Bill DeWitt III.

It’s been just over two months since we’ve taken you inside Ballpark Village and let me tell you in all those weeks, workers have made a lot of progress. When we checked in November it seemed to be all one big open space, no walls, not a lot to see. Now, things are really taking shape.

Cardinals Team President Bill Dewitt III visits the Ballpark Village construction site at least every other day. He says, “You feel like you’re in the middle of something special.”

Cardinal Nation will take up one third of the 100,000-square-foot building. “I think Cardinals Nation is something that’s never been done before,” explains DeWitt.

It includes a hall of fame museum, seats to watch the game across the street and a restaurant that can hold 500 people on two levels.

DeWitt says, “It’s definitely going to be a family restaurant. There’s going to be a kids menu. There will be an adult menu.”

Dewitt studied architectural history in college. He’s putting what he’s learned to good use. “I do probably pour over the details on the design side maybe more than others, but you know it’s something I care aboutand it means something to me that it looks good.”

Crews are swarming the place. Dewitt wants to make sure when complete, Ballpark Village has the wow factors that keeps people coming back, “I think they’re just going to say this is incredible.”

They promise Ballpark Village will be open for Opening Day.