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(KTVI) – Fox 2 has received unusual anonymous letters over the years, from people with information defending Pam Hupp.

Hupp faces a first-degree murder charge after prosecutors say she planted a note on her victim while trying to frame someone else.

Two of the letters were addressed to Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes.  We also learned of a third anonymous letter that was mailed to the St. Charles County Courthouse.  It comes with an attachment with astounding detail.

The envelope of one letter says ATTN: Chris Hayes.  It’s typed with the Fox 2 address, cut out and taped to an envelope with no return address.

Inside is a letter that starts “Dear sirs:  I think it’s (sic) getting a little silly that you keep accusing someone of killing their parent, when it’s (sic) not true.”  The three page letter then makes bizarre personal attacks on Pam Hupp’s relatives, because of a belief someone’s talking.  The letter says, “Yyou went to her (a family member’s) house and spoke with her.”

Another letter says, “We don’t think you dug far enough, Chris Hayes.”  It attacks Betsy Faria’s daughters, saying they don`t need their dead mother’s $150,000 life insurance proceeds.  Those proceeds went to Pam Hupp.

But it`s a third anonymous letter that landed on a Judge’s desk, that could be the most important.  It comes with an attachment that could be considered evidence.

Attached is a document that Fox 2 has confirmed with the company is authentic.  It’s from Gen-America financial.  It says the ‘life insurance’ payout to Pam Hupp after the death of her mother Shirley Neumann was $3,589.02.  The anonymous letter called it a “final expense policy (which covers funeral expenses).”

The letter, filed November 25, 2014, also acknowledged “Yes, she (Pam Hupp) did say her mother was worth a half million dollars.”

You’ll remember hearing Hupp say it while talking to a Lincoln County investigator.  Hupp said at the time, “If I wanted money, my mom’s worth a half a million that I get when she dies.”

That was in 2013 when Lincoln County was looking into possible motives for Betsy Faria’s murder.

The third letter also makes an argument that Pam Hupp needs Betsy Faria’s life insurance money more than Betsy`s daughters.

A year later when Hupp was fighting to keep Betsy’s life insurance money, she told the Lincoln County prosecutor her mom was out of money.  Hupp told prosecutor Leah Askey in 2015, “We had sold her house, her car and everything she owned and put her in a home.”

Defense attorney Joel Schwartz said he repeatedly warned Lincoln County authorities that Hupp was only telling them what would help her.  He said, “It was clear Pam Hupp needed the money.  She would say what was more convenient for her, at the time. Specifically she said $150,000 was nothing in her world, that it didn’t mean much, which certainly was untrue.”

Schwartz says he always thought it was a lie when Hupp told the Lincoln County Sergeant she’d soon get half a million from her mother.  He added, “I’ve never believed that her mother had the money she claimed she had.”

I followed up, “What makes you think she did have money problems?”

Schwartz answered, “She had no life insurance.  She had no health insurance, which would fly in the face of the things she said under oath about $150,000 not being any money to her.”