ST. LOUIS – A surveillance video captured what went down on March 5, 2019, from the argument to the shooting in the parking lot. It all happened during an intense courtroom testimony that was interrupted when the accused passed out.

Medics responded in the middle of day three of the trial of Larry Thomlison. The 70-year-old defendant seemed to lose consciousness, and the judge ordered the courtroom to be cleared. Thomlinson refused treatment, and the testimony continued over his shooting of an Amazon delivery driver in a St. Charles Target parking lot.

Thomlison is charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the shooting that paralyzed 25-year-old Jaylen Walker from the waist down. Walker was in the courtroom in a wheelchair, sitting less than 10 feet away from the man who shot him.

FOX 2 spoke with Walker, who, just 17 months after he was shot, indicated he’d forgiven the shooter.

“I could’ve died right there. I do not want that hatred on my heart. I don’t want to die saying I hate anyone,” Walker said in August 2020.

Maybe forgiven, but he has not forgotten, as Walker intensely watched hours of testimony from fellow Amazon driver Michael Mayfield. It turns out Mayfield was right there, in another van. He testified that Thomlison aggressively approached them about Walker’s van being parked in a handicapped parking space, pointing to other parking spots available.

Walker said Thomlison was aggravated and told them he’d been recording video. Thomlison then flashed a camera phone in Walker’s face and also backhanded him. Mayfield said Walker fought back, knocking Thomlison to the ground, and Thomlison then pulled out a gun. Mayfield said Walker ran away, and Thomlison shot him in the back.

The defendant’s attorney, John Lynch, relentlessly cross-examined the witness for about two hours. Lynch focused on evidence that might suggest self-defense, such as testimony that the victim grabbed Thomlison’s cell phone out of his hand, and that Mayfield was reportedly trying to calm his colleague Walker all while someone was yelling for shoppers to call 911 before Thomlison fired a shot.

A four-minute video of the entire event was compelling when played in court, but also hard to see as many jurors walked close up to the screen. The most crucial element may have happened in an area blocked by the Amazon van.

The trial is expected to continue into next week, with Walker possibly testifying on Friday.