Undercover officer testifies to beating at the hands of colleagues

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ST. LOUIS – An undercover St. Louis Police detective testified Thursday about the beating at the hands of his own colleagues.

Detective Luther Hall said he was calling for backup one minute, yelling, “Where are you guys?” The next minute, Hall said all he could feel were boots, fists, and baton sticks.

Det. Hall was working undercover with a partner during the 2017 Jason Stockley protests. They were documenting potential crimes when they got split up in the chaos on the night of Sunday, September 17.

Hall testified that he called for backup, yelling, “They’re going to (expletive) up Washington! Where are you guys?’”

He said officers then arrived near Tucker and 14th Street. Det. Hall said he had a cellphone in one hand and a camera in the other. He testified that officers did not recognize him and ordered him to the ground.

“I went to bend one knee,” he said. “As I started to bend the second knee, someone picked me up and slammed me face first on the ground… Then it was a free for all.”

Hall said it felt like it lasted forever. After the beating was over, he said an officer was able to insert his entire pinky through Hall’s lip.

Three officers stand trial for violating Hall’s civil rights: Dustin Boone, Steven Korte, and Christopher Myers.

Myers attorney, Scott Rosenblum, cross-examined Hall for hours, challenging him on who he thought he saw and showing pictures revealing his body was hidden before the beating.

Rosenblum also challenged Hall on the fact Hall did his own investigation instead of fully cooperating with internal affairs. Hall said he asked another officer in the department to help him gather information about the officers suspected of beating him but who remained on the street.

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