ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Crimes caught on camera led to a drug dealer going to federal prison for 35 years. It’s an eye-opening case that shows how drug overdoses impact more than just the users.

On the morning of August 2, 2020, two overdose victims were in a moving car on Hyannis Drive in St. Charles when they passed out, and their car landed in a random yard.

“I thought it was just some crazy driver going way too fast to make it around this curve,” said Rick Boone, a St. Charles resident.

Pictures from the scene show the aftermath. The driver, who passed out, happened to be an off-duty Bellefontaine Neighbors police officer at the time. He was revived with Narcan. The passenger died.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Boone said.

“We had three victims in this case,” said Derek Wiseman, a federal prosecutor.

Wiseman recently showed jurors the haunting evidence leading up to that crash.

“It was all caught on hotel and casino surveillance cameras,” he said. “Investigators were able to do a great job gathering that surveillance footage.”

“It’s tough to watch,” Wiseman said.

Three drug deals are captured on video.

“The defendant, Ledra Craig, knew just how dangerous and how deadly this was,” Wiseman said. “The victims in this case didn’t know.”

One sale resulted in a man almost immediately feeling the effects of what turned out to be fentanyl. He stumbles off-camera. Another angle showed the victim passed out near the lobby and casino floor, where he was later revived with Narcan.

Video outside the casino showed two more users driving off in a red car, just as an ambulance was responding to save the man who collapsed in the lobby. They had no idea what was about to happen to them.

They ended up on Hyannis Drive, about three miles away. A crime scene photo showed the reported fentanyl on the passenger seat, which turned out to be a fatal dose.

“Unfortunately, the young man who lost his life didn’t know what he was taking,” Wiseman said. “The evidence at trial showed that he had never used fentanyl before, and was probably a contributing factor to why he died.”

Investigators’ discovery of the defendant’s AC/DC shirt in his home also made it difficult for Ledra Craig to say it wasn’t him on the video.

“It’s our office’s priority, and it’s the DOJ’s priority, to hold these drug dealers accountable,” Wiseman said. “Especially the ones who know how dangerous and deadly this is and sell it anyway.”

Craig, who is 46 years old and from Wright City, was sentenced this week to 35 years in prison. Prosecutor Wiseman also points out the incredible job of gathering all the evidence from both the St. Charles County Regional Drug Task Force and the DEA.