Wentzville alderman faces city investigation for outburst during meeting

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. – A Wentzville alderman is under investigation Wednesday following an outburst at a special city meeting last week.

An independent investigator, appointed by the Wentzville Board of Aldermen, is now looking into whether Alderman Robert Hussey violated the code of conduct.

Alderman Hussey agreed to talk about it on camera.

“I think the investigation is going to look into whether I violated the city or state law but I don’t believe I did,” Hussey said.

He’s being investigating for an outburst at the Oct. 14 board meeting.

At about an hour and 46 minutes in, Hussey yells, “I’m tired of the [bleep] I’m tired of the [bleep].”

Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione interrupts him. “Watch your language, sir.”

Yelling continues, “He’s out of order, using foul language in a public venue.”

Hussey says, “Oh Christ,” as the mayor continues, “I think the board needs to hold this under consideration.”

“Tell me, you’ve never heard those words before?” Hussey asks.

The mayor answers: “I’ve heard it, but you’re in a public meeting. You’re on video here with the public.”

Hussey said he was fighting to have candidates for an open aldermanic seat interviewed in a public forum. He said another board member then questioned his integrity.

“Like most people, when you question their integrity, they’re not too happy about it,” he said.

Guccione declined to talk on camera, but issued the following statement:

“The Board of Aldermen of the City of Wentzville has established a comprehensive code of ethics and has consistently held city personnel and the city’s elected officials to the high standard addressed within. Consistent with the provisions of the city’s code of ethics — and for full transparency regarding the steps it is taking to ensure compliance — the Board of Aldermen decided during a special meeting held on Monday, Oct. 19, 2020, to appoint an independent investigator to determine whether Alderman Robert Hussey violated the city’s code of ethics during the Oct. 14, 2020, Board of Alderman meeting.”

Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione

Hussey also faces scrutiny for a second incident the same week, when he attended a Wentzville School Board meeting.

Hussey also talked about that incident, saying, “I have trouble wearing a mask. I can’t breathe in it, so I took the mask off. I was walking out of the auditorium and they were yelling at me. I kind of twirled my mask in front of them in defiance of their liberal agenda – just kind of twirled and kind of fell to the ground.”

It happened off camera, but at about 27 minutes into the meeting, you could hear a reaction.

Someone yelled, “Did you really just do that? That’s disgusting! That’s disgusting!”

“We’re all human,” Hussey said. “I apologized to the mayor and I apologized to the aldermen, saying there are some words that I should not have used and there are some better words that I should have used.”

Wentzville’s investigation only focuses on the board of alderman meeting and not the school board meeting. O’Fallon police got involved in the school board meeting case and referred it to a municipal prosecutor, who then declined to file charges against Hussey.

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