Woman arrested for shooting her boyfriend to death is pregnant by another man

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ST. LOUIS – Several twists in our ongoing Fox Files reporting about a shooting death reported as an accident. Fox 2 revealed questions about the shooter’s response in our investigations last November and December.

Victoria Haungs made her first appearance in court Friday and dropped a bombshell that seemed to catch everyone off guard.

The only booking photo available for Haungs shows only half of her face.

The victim’s mother, Jamie Coley, feels it’s another example of the shooter failing to take responsibility.

“They don’t want you to know who she is and they don’t want the story to be told period,” she said.

Jamie’s only son, 24-year-old Reco Coley, died last July when Haungs shot him in Bellefontaine Neighbors.

Haungs told police it was an accident, but for months, Coley has questioned the time it took Haungs to get help. She says it can all be seen on surveillance video from down the street where it happened.

A grand jury indicted 26-year-old Haungs for second-degree involuntary manslaughter in November. This week, she was picked up by law enforcement in St. Francois County.

“I had to fight to try to find her. We’ve been looking everywhere for her,” Coley said.

Haungs seemed to surprise everyone in court when asking for a bond reduction. The State was asking for a $50,000 cash-only bond. Haungs said she was 12 weeks pregnant.

“That was all new information,” Coley said. “How are you going to get pregnant when you just killed my son? And you were just going with him! So how does that make sense that you were just going with someone, madly in love, which you would never hurt this person, but you accidentally shoot them and then when you shoot them you go lay up with someone else and get pregnant?”

The judge listened to Jamie Coley’s concerns and denied the defendant’s bond reduction request. Coley and her husband walked out of court feeling like the justice system will finally hear about what happened to her only son.


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