Woman hit by uninsured driver more than 10 times in 10 years – without ever leaving driveway

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – A Lincoln County, Missouri woman has been struck an unbelievable number of times by drivers without insurance. Even more unbelievable – it happens without her leaving home.

“For the thirteenth time last year, we had a vehicle miss a curve,” Debbie Ryan said. “It was a drunk driver.”

You read the right. Ryan said a driver crashed on her property for the thirteenth time last July, hitting two of her cars at the time.

“I am really, really tired of being the one living by the rules and the law,” she said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office caught last year’s suspect, who is now charged with drunk driving and failing to have car insurance.

Now last week she got hit by an uninsured driver again – for the fourteenth time in the last decade. She just got done paying $8,000 out of pocket from the last crash.

“All the back glass shattered and blew out and went all the way into our garage area,” she said.

Lincoln County Staff Sergeant Jeff Kemp is working the case against the latest suspect. Sheriff Rick Harrell came out in person.

“I wanted to come out here and see for myself what she was talking about. She was right,” he said.

Ryan lives on rural Penrod Road at Riverside Drive outside Troy, Missouri. The road bends in front of her home. Many drivers are failing to follow that bend.

“When you’re driving aggressively, you’re not driving the posted speed limit, you’re going to cause accidents like this,” Harrell said. “If you’re not insured, we’re going to catch you and we’re going to hold you accountable too.”

Harrell said his office has just partnered with the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, hoping to work with the community and driving more safely.

“Enforcement is not the goal. It’s voluntary compliance. We can’t be everywhere all the time,” he said. “We want to have folks understand the reason for these speed limits, for their safety, not only for themselves but the people around them.”

“All the people doing what they are supposed to do and being grown adults are the ones getting burned and 14 times is enough,” Ryan said.

Ryan said she complained to Lincoln County Commissioners this week who told her they are now considering rumble strips and a metal guard rail.

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