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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. — A woman who watched her mom shoot her boyfriend in the head says it was not murder.  Nikita said her mom was beaten for years by the man she shot. She also claims her mom was being beaten right up until she pulled the trigger. The Lincoln County Prosecutor has charged Angela Medici with murder.

“I’ve never had to see anything like that. I had to tell the dispatcher, I don’t know – I think he’s dead, but if he’s alive he’s going to kill us. If he is not dead he’s going to kill us now,” said Nikita.

It happened on March 11th in Lincoln County, on a remote property off Highway 47 east of Troy Missouri called Lakota Acres. It was Keith Sweetin`s house. Angela Medici lived there with him, and sometimes Angela`s daughter Nikita did too.

“After I’d say a dozen different events of violence there was sometimes when she’d leave the house. No matter how much I tried, all he had to do was call her. All he had to do was mess with her head and she would come right back and it would happen again,”  Nikita talked about the past violence telling reporter Chris Hayes. She continued, “I think it`s easy for an outsider to say, why don’t you just leave? You have no idea unless you’re in that situation.  She always told me, ‘I love him and I care about him and I don`t want to leave him.’ She’d also say, ‘He can’t keep doing this to me, he can’t keep hitting me, he can’t keep screaming in my face, he can’t keep doing this.’”

Here’s where we can only give you part of the story. Keith Sweetin is dead and can’t give us his version. I’ve also contacted people who may know him and they haven’t responded. Prosecutors can’t talk because it’s an ongoing investigation. Only one court document offers the other side, a probable cause statement saying Medici told police she was “angry” and that she “could have left” but “chose not to.”

Nikita showed us these pictures of her mom`s face taken after the March 11th shooting, during visitations at the jail.  She said she watched her mom get beaten unconscious before the shooting.

“She was on the floor and she was not moving and I just kept shaking her and I said Mom get up, get up, get up and he was still screaming at her and she wasn`t even awake,” said Nikita.

Nikita said her mom then woke up and said she wanted to reason with Sweetin, but it quickly re-ignited.

“As the yelling continues, the fighting continued.  She, she, she pulled out her gun and he laughed at her! And, and,I heard the shot.” said Nikita.

Nikita emphasized each word as she continued, “She, did, not, have, intentions, to, kill him. No intentions to kill him. She wishes he wasn’t dead.”

A grand jury will soon review this case. They could consider other charges, like manslaughter or could decline a charge if they believe she was battered.  That defense is now well-known because of the Farrah Fawcett movie The Burning Bed.

Suspect Medici’s daughter and a friend set up a Go Fund Me page to try to collect money for a defense attorney.

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  • Comtrea-Jefferson County: (636) 931-2700 24-hour
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  • YWCA: Provides crisis intervention at area hospitals to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Free individual and group counseling for victims of sexual abuse and assault. Drop-In Center where no appointment is needed for those impacted by domestic violence to assess their situation with an advocate, get resources, do safety planning, get court advocacy and more. 24 Hour Crisis Line. Family and friend support.
  • ALIVE (Alternatives to Living In Violent Environments): Provides support services and short-term emergency sanctuary for adults and children victimized by domestic violence.
  • Center for Trauma Recovery: A service of the University of Missouri – St. Louis which provides counseling for women who have suffered personal traumas such as beatings, rape, and assault.
  • St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office: Information, resources, and support including the Sex Offender and Child Abuse Registry List for the City of St. Louis, Victim Rights, and the Neighborhood Justice Project.
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  • Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Inc.: Provides legal assistance and equal access to justice to low-income people.
  • Life Source Consultants, Inc.: Free support services for women (and their families) who are victims or survivors of physical, emotional, mental, verbal or sexual abuse, rape, and incest.
  • ROW – Redevelopment Opportunities for Women: Opportunities for women to pursue economic self-sufficiency, personal and family development, taking control of their lives. Services are focused on women who have experienced partner violence, homelessness and/or poverty.
  • Safe Connections: 24-Hour Crisis Line (314) 531-2003; Counseling and support groups, preventing dating violence, safety planning, and sexual assault resources.
  • Saint Martha’s Hall: Help for battered women and their children to break the cycle of violence in their lives by offering them safe, secure temporary shelter, education, and counseling.
  • Bridgeway Counseling: Alternatives to violence and abuse; case management, outreach office, batterer intervention service; Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles, St. Louis and Warren Counties, City of St. Louis