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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Thomas Bruce, 53, has been charged with sexual assaults and murder in connection with a violent attack inside the Catholic Supply store in mid-November.

A month prior to that crime, Bruce was recorded on dashcam video yelling profanity at a Missouri state trooper.

“You work for me!” Bruce shouts. “…I pay your taxes, mother****er!”

The footage was recorded October 17 just after 6:30 p.m. along US 61 in Jefferson County.

The encounter with the state trooper occurred after a collision with another driver, who asked not to be identified. That driver told Fox 2 News that Bruce was driving enraged and tailing cars until he pulled in front of him and slammed on the brakes.

In the dash cam footage, you can hear how the trooper wants to know if Bruce has been drinking.

“How much did you actually have to drink when you were…,” the trooper says.

“It doesn’t matter,” Bruce responds.

“It does matter because you were driving.”

“I had one beer. It doesn’t matter that he hit me in the ass?” Bruce says.

“It does matter. I’m trying to figure out what caused this accident.”

“So if you think that – he’s…,” Bruce says.

“I’m just trying to figure out exactly what happened,” the trooper says.

“I’m innocent,” Bruce exclaims.

As the footage continues, the trooper attempts to conduct a field sobriety test but Bruce refuses and denies that his speech is slurred.

“No, because I only had one beer and (my speech) is not slurred. He hit me in the ass you need to talk to him not me. I am the innocent here,” Bruce says.

Bruce also refused to give the trooper his personal information. He continued to chastise the trooper for not testing the other driver.

It took 10 minutes just to get Bruce’s insurance card. The trooper never conducted the field sobriety test.

Bruce continued his tirade: “He f***ing hit me in the ass! I served over 10 years, Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and I understand that you’re a state trooper. I also understand that you’re a young state trooper but I want you to understand he hit me! Why am I being questioning and he is not?”

The trooper wrote an incident report and told both drivers they could leave. Thomas Bruce’s tone changed dramatically.

Bruce was never charged with any wrongdoing after the October 17 incident.

Fox 2 check with Missouri State Highway Patrol as to why Bruce was never charged.  A spokesperson wrote: “Troopers assess all relevant factors when conducting crash investigations. The video shows one aspect of the investigation and does not include the trooper’s in-person observations. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is committed to removing impaired drivers from the road.”