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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A friendly snowball fight broke out between two businesses on Cherokee Street in south St. Louis late Monday evening. And when police arrived, they joined in the fun. The time-honored tradition of the first snowfall of the season turned into a snowball fight between Whiskey Ring and the B-side on Cherokee Street. Video of the chummy battle was captured by Michael Beary outside of the Whiskey Ring. “Yeah, I was at the Whiskey Ring and I noticed a snowball fight happening and a cop car driving by…I saw the snowball land on the roof so I thought, ‘Oh, you know that’s not going to be good,'” Beary said. Beary said the police officers got out of their vehicles and began chucking snowballs back at the bar patrons. Apparently, the owners and patrons at B-Side have been planning for the confrontation. They even prepared snowballs for the exchange. Bar patrons claimed victory in this battle. They shouted “we win” as the police retreated back to their vehicles. “My dad was a police officer and to see the police getting along well with the artists that go to Cherokee Street was really cool,” Beary said. “I think it’s a very meaningful thing to see the St. Louis (Metropolitan) Police Department being friendly with people and getting along with people, so it was a really cool experience.”