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ST. LOUIS – Furloughed workers are finding troubles as they head to the unemployment office.

If you would’ve told many people 6 months ago this pandemic was on the horizon, some say they would’ve planned a bit different.

“It’s just unbelievable seeing the effect that it’s had on everyone around the whole world,” said Lisa Foster, furloughed worker.

That’s a feeling Foster says she knows all too well.

After starting her job last December, she found out last Friday that she would be laid off.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, she received a knock-out blow.

Her unemployment application had been denied.

“First thing in the morning I called,” said Foster. “I go through pretty quickly and I was told by the person that answered that there’s a glitch in the system and she said they had pile of papers of people who were denied. Falsely denied because half of their information was showing.”

Foster says the clerk asked her to check back in a couple of weeks.

Time, she says right now she just doesn’t have.

It’s that reality many American are seeing right now.

As the coronavirus spread, millions saw their weekly paycheck leave in a blink of eye.

A record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment in a one-week timespan in March.

The uptick led unemployment offices being inundated with calls.

Foster felt it in Missouri, and Kenneth Bell experience the same in Illinois.

“The phone lines were busy, or they went to where the number wasn’t in order,” said Bell. “It was just frustrating and then when I finally got through applying for it then there came a bunch of hang us where you didn’t fill this part out right.”

While many Missouri and Illinois residents wait in limbo, it’s only their hope that help could soon be on the way.

“You can’t do anything about it, so just stay positive,” said Foster.

Many people are keeping their eyes on their perceived silver lining right now. To some, that’s the stimulus check that’s soon coming.