Game over for teens wanted for burglary at Chesterfield arcade shop

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – It’s game over for a group of young burglary suspects accused of breaking into a Chesterfield arcade shop.

Police say the three individuals—all teens—broke into zed the Arcade Amusements Plus store at Chesterfield Mall on January 9. The incident happened a couple hours after the mall had closed, Chesterfield Police Lt. Chris Connelly said. They managed to pry open the front gate and enter.

The larger items at the store, like pinball machines, remained intact, but valuable memorabilia had been stolen, owner Bill Striler said. Marquis, magazines, and other small items were taken.

“I wonder why they would break into my store,” Striler said. “I guess they were kind of bored.”

One thing the three teens left behind were the images of their faces. Security cameras captured clear pictures of them.

Police posted their pictures and the response was swift, Lt. Connelly said.

“As soon as it hit social media, we started getting calls,” he said.

Detectives weren’t the only ones getting tipped off by the public. So were the parents of the alleged suspects.

“Apparently, the parents of these individuals also started getting calls and determined they needed to bring their sons in to see the police.” Lt. Connelly said.

All three teens, with the parents accompanying them, separately turned themselves in to police, Lt. Connelly said. He said it was important that parents played a key role in assisting police.

“It’s outstanding. Makes all the difference in the world. Because it’s not just going to be, ‘Ok, can I find a way to pay this ticket?’ I don’t have to tell anybody. It’s something that will continue to give (the kids) positive motivation from now on, you know?”

The teens are from Wildwood, High Ridge, and Chesterfield, police said. Two are 18 years old (adults under Missouri law), and the third, age 16, will be classified as a juvenile. Police are seeking charges for burglary, trespassing, and stealing.

Striler said he is looking forward to his stolen items being returned. Customers look forward to either buy or repair or sell items from the arcade era.

“Memories of the past, you know?” he said. “The days when you used to play the games for 25-cents apiece.”


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