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SAUGET, IL (KTVI) – You might call it the grand slam heard by many but felt by the fellow who dealt the crushing blow.

Sunday night at GCS Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois, Brandon Thomas hit a homerun that broke the window of this 2008 Toyota Tundra parked in the parking lot.

He also happens to own that truck.

‘When I hit it I knew I got it,’ says Brandon Thomas, Center Fielder.  ‘I just wasn`t sure it was going to be fair long enough.  But it stay fair long enough.’

That`s right, the glass shattering smash to this truck owned by Brandon Thomas came at the hands of, none other than the truck`s owner, Brandon Thomas.

Sam Levitt/Gateway Grizzlies:  ‘I mean, the things that have to line up for that to happen,’ says Sam Levitt, Gateway Grizzlies Broadcaster.  ‘He has to hit the ball to that spot.  He has to be turned around the right way.’

In a playoff hunt against a Joliet team that`s leading their Frontier League division, the Gateway Grizzlies were down 3-0 in the second inning when Thomas took matters into his own hands, hitting the grand slam and leading the team to an eventual 17-6 win.

‘I didn`t really realize it at the time,’ adds Thomas.  ‘But the chances of something like this happening in that situation it can`t be too high.’

Soon the blast that shattered the windshield of the man who hit the blast that shattered the windshield began to break its way into it becoming a social media sensation.

Call it kismet or cruel sandlot luck that landed Brandon Thomas` home-run ball back at his own truck.

‘You know it wasn`t a little crack like down here, ` says Thomas.  ‘You know, that`s some pretty good damage.  So at least I know I hit it pretty good.’

Well, he`ll always have the windshield repair bill to remind him.