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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Did you just get a new tablet, phone, computer, or another mobile device for Christmas? Well, you will probably want to get your local news there. We have several ways that you can subscribe to get our articles, notifications, and live video wherever you are.

Website is a great place to find the best journalism in the St. Louis area. Bookmark the page to get our reports on your schedule. We also have a live stream of our newscasts there so you can watch our newscasts 24 hours a day. You can also get desktop alerts from your browser. Make sure you sign up the first time you visit the site on a new device or you can add to the send notifications section in your browser’s settings. Here’s a link to Chrome settings, here is a link if you use Microsoft Edge, and under the Firefox settings look for notifications under permissions.

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We also have a weather app that will send you alerts based on your location. Know about the storm before it arrives, see the forecast, and check the radar in one place. The information is provided by our meteorologists Glenn Zimmerman, Chris Higgins, Angela Hutti, John Fuller, Jaime Travers, and Linh Trang.


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