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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Want the latest election results wherever you are? FOX 2 offers many ways for you to get the results of the Nov. 6th general election.  See the races on-air, online and on your phone.

You can watch the results come in on your TV on FOX 2.  Watch on our live online stream of our newscasts on Click here to watch LIVE.

Check our website for results on Missouri and Illinois races.  We are following all of the national and local elections.  From the race for the president to Missouri Prop A, all the results are on

Want to get breaking news alerts in your e-mail.  Sign up for alerts here.  The results of Tuesday’s election will come directly to your inbox.

Want to share your voting experience?  Upload a picture of your polling place, presidential preference or party affiliation.  Click here to upload a picture.  Share your thoughts about tonight’s race with us on Facebook and Twitter.  Just leave a comment and it could end up on-air.

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