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(KTVI)-“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy is speaking out about how the series will handle the recent death of one its biggest stars, Cory Monteith.

Murphy told “The Hollywood Reporter” the series will continue.  He said he couldn’t wait to get everyone back to work so they could lean on each other  and grieve his loss together.

He also said Monteith’s character “Finn Hudson”, will not be re-cast. The plan is to pay tribute in the season’s third episode, with the character passing in a way that will avoid re-creating feelings of grief for the cast members.

He also said he’d spoken with Monteith’s costar and real-life girlfriend, Lea Michele, and she will return to the show.

The producers of “Glee” and Fox Broadcasting Company have delayed the start of production of the TV series until early August in the aftermath of Monteith’s death. Monteith, 31, was found dead this month in his Vancouver, Canada, hotel room as a result of a heroin and alcohol overdose.