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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – An alert shopper rushed to the rescue when a teen fell from an escalator at the South County Center earlier this month.

Mark Maloy caught the falling teen in his arms. Witnesses say she would have likely landed on her head had he not caught her.

Maloy watched surveillance video of the incident detailing what happened. You can see two girls playing around the escalator grabbing the outside of the moving handrail. However, one held on too long, and as she gets to the top she falls.

Mark, without thinking jumped into action and caught the teen as she fell 20 feet.

She wasn’t injured, however Mark suffered a sore leg, ribs and shoulder.

The girl and her friend left the mall before Mark could get their names. He said the girl who fell appeared stunned, while her friend repeatedly thanked him for catching her friend.

Mall officials released a statement thanking Mark Maloy, and warned that horseplay on the escalators was against mall policy.