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UPDATE – See the full interview here: ‘No blackmail, nothing to investigate’ Gov. Eric Greitens explains in full exclusive FOX 2 interview

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is under fire for an extramarital affair. He sits down with FOX 2 to answer questions about blackmail, violence and investigations. The governor had not answered any questions in person until Saturday.  FOX 2 is the only TV station he spoke with on camera.

I’ve known Eric Greitens for 30 years and reconnected with him when I moved back to town. I made it clear nothing was off the table when we sat down this morning in Jefferson City for this exclusive broadcast interview. The governor told me he’s ready to deal with this and set the record straight.

Its been almost two weeks since the Greitens admitted he had an affair before running for governor.  The details of that affair are what is in question because of allegations of blackmail and physical violence. The mistress said in an audio recording that during one of their encounters she was tied up, photographed against her will and threatened that if she told anyone about what had happened the picture would be posted online.

“This woman, was she restrained against her will?” asks FOX 2 reporter Vic Faust.

“This was a consensual relationship. No violence, all consensual. All of these allegations, there was no hush money, no violence, no threat of violence, no blackmail, no threat of photograph and blackmail. Those things are absolutely false,” said Gov. Eric Greitens.

“Were there threats or blackmailing?” asks FOX 2 reporter Vic Faust.

“There’s no blackmail.  The mistake I made was I engaged in a consensual relationship with a woman who wasn’t my wife. It is a mistake that I’m deeply sorry for. Sorry to Sheena, my boys and everybody who relied on us,” said Gov. Eric Greitens.

We will hear a lot more from Governor Greitens Sunday on FOX 2. There are live editions of  Hancock and Kelley at 8:30am and Post Scripts at 10am. Be sure to watch a special edition of FOX 2 news at 4pm.  Much more of the interview will air on FOX 2 News at 10pm.