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ST. LOUIS – Missouri Governor Eric Greitens took time Tuesday to meet with the St. Louis Police Wives’ Association.

Governor Greitens made it clear that he fully supports law enforcement officers as they work long, stressful hours monitoring the protests that have been popping up throughout the St. Louis metro area after a former police officer was acquitted Friday in the murder of an African-American man.

Greitens said it’s important that the officers’ spouses and families know that they are also supported.

“I am so proud of our law enforcement officers. They had a very peaceful night last night because of the great work our law enforcement officers are doing on the front lines,” said Governor Eric Greitens.

“And I’m so proud of the way this community is coming together to support law enforcement officers during this time,” Greitens added, explaining that some officers have had strangers buy them coffee or breakfast.