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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) – Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed right-to-work into law Monday afternoon.

About 100 lawmakers and supporters of right-to-work joined supporters of the governor in Greitens’ office.

The law will go into effect August 28.

Meanwhile, the leader of the AFL-CIO in Missouri and Missouri’s NAACP president went to the secretary of state’s office to begin the fight to reverse it. The law means people can work at a company that has a union without joining the union and paying dues. The governor believes right to work is good for people who want to find jobs in Missouri.

“Today represents a great victory for the people of Missouri and especially for those families look for jobs,” Greitens said. “Today right-to-work sends a very clear message the people of Missouri are ready to work and Missouri is open for business.”

Union leaders fear it will weaken unions and lowers wage. Union leaders are seeking to either change the reverse the law or change the constitution and make right-to-work illegal in the show me state.

“It’s upsetting that people are more interested in representing a handful of corporate CEOs instead of their constituents,” AFL-CIO Missouri President Mike Louis said.

Missouri NACCP President Nimrod Chapel added, “Wages will be suppressed. That’s a trend that Missouri does not need to see. We’ve seen that in other states and we think African-Americans are going to be hit heavily with it.”

Union leaders and their members have a huge challenge ahead of them: collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions, if they hope to see the issue on the ballot in 2018.