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CHICAGO, IL (KTVI) – Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has received an endorsement in his bid to keep his job following the November election. On Saturday, the Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club gave support for the Democratic incumbent in his re-election bid.

The Sierra Club has 30,000 members in the Land of Lincoln. The group cited Quinn’s acceptance of the science of climate change, his plans to create jobs in renewable energy, and his ideas for conservation practices for a cleaner atmosphere as reasons for their support.

In a statement, Quinn said, “Illinois is making a comeback and we have more work to do. I am committed to continuing to build a strong and green economy, creating more clean energy jobs, and ensuring that our environment is safe and healthy for the next generation.”

Quinn faces Republican Bruce Rauner in the general election on November 5, 2014. Current polls show Rauner is leading in the votes.