Governors for Illinois and Missouri ramp up efforts to battle coronavirus

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Both Missouri and Illinois are struggling with the same issue as the COVID-19 virus kills more people and makes other sick.  The governors from both states gave updates concerning the fight against the spreading disease.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson began by talking about state employees and state buildings. He said beginning Tuesday all 330 state office buildings like the Wainwright building will close. Only some of the essential 10,000 workers will remain on the job maintaining critical services for the state.

The governor also said folks should not be alarmed because some supermarket shelves remain empty.

“Many of you have seen bare grocery store shelves, let me assure you it’s a demand issue, not a supply issue our food supply remains strong,” said Governor Parson.

Although Missouri leaders say truckloads of PPE’s , or personal protective equipment have been delivered for medical and emergency crews they are still seeking more, demands for things like masks is outstripping supply.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker said at his news conference, “I have medical professionals and first responders begging for things they need to keep them safe.”

The governor said the Illinois Manufacturers Organization and the Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization are working with the state to ramp up production of PPE’s and as well as donations of medical supplies.

He said the federal government has only sent a fraction of what he’s requested. As for ventilators, the state has not received one. Governor Pritzker talked with President Trump Monday afternoon about the issue.

“He (Trump) did say what do you need, let me see if I can get it for you,” said Pritzker.

The governor said he and his staff are going out on the open market looking for ventilators and other necessary equipment. He quickly learned he’s competing against the feds, states and other countries for the same items which drive up the price.


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