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GRANITE CITY, IL – November 3, 1980 – that’s the last time a U.S. President has visited Granite City, Illinois steel mill.

President Jimmy Carter made a rally stop to highlight when the steel mill reached an agreement with the EPA.

Now, almost 38 years later, President Donald Trump will be touring that same steel plant.

The president’s visit comes after Granite City’s steel mill recalled hundreds of workers back following Trump placing tariffs on foreign steel.

Since then 800 people are now back to work.

Rudy Miller, the owner of Cionko’s a family-owned meat market, says that’s meant great things for businesses.

“When they’re working, they’re spending money then places like myself and places around town benefits,” Miller said.

The meat market owner is hopeful the president will also make some stops to local small business to see those effects.

“Obviously it will be kind of cool if it happened, but it probably wouldn’t happen,” he said.

Trump supporters are also fired up for the president’s visit.

“Nobody comes to Granite, so I think that’s pretty cool. I hope I get to see him,” supporter Heidi Costello said.

While others are just waiting to see what comes of the appearance.

“If he’s doing what he said he’s doing like opening up the mills then I think that’s a great opportunity for young adults,” resident Jason Armbruster said.

All in all, the small town known for its profitable steel mill is ready to hear the president’s outlook on its future.