Gray Wolves No Longer Protected By Federal Government

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EUREKA, MO (KTVI)-- The Obama administration announced Friday that gray wolves no longer need federal protection from extinction.

Animal care director Regina Mossotti looked over the pack of Mexican gray wolves at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, the day the federal government proposed to lift protection of the gray wolf in North America in the belief that the species has recovered, a stance she believes is still debatable.

But there is actual good news in this government proposal for the Endangered Wolf Center, since they help save the Mexican gray wolf, a different subspecies of the gray wolf that will receive increased protection from the federal government, as part two of this proposal.

If the proposal by the federal government passes for them to lift protection of the gray wolf across North America, there is still hope for the species. All that means is that the federal government will then pass down the responsibility to the state governments and it will be up to the state to individually decide if they want to keep protection of the gray wolf intact in their state.


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