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SHREWSBURY, MO (KTVI) – A man who wore a blue plastic Shop ‘n Save bag over his head is wanted in connection with a burglary at a furniture store.

This week, the Shrewsbury Police Department obtained surveillance images from the August 25 incident at the Chippewa/Watson Plaza. Authorities hope the public can identify either one or both of the men captured on camera.

One man is seen entering the Shop ‘n Save just after 9:30 p.m., Shrewsbury Lt. Brian Catlett said. The store’s surveillance camera shows him leaving empty-handed. But police believe he did make off with something from the store: a plastic shopping bag.

That bag was likely used during a break-in minutes later, two doors down at the Value City Furniture store. A man wearing a blue plastic bag is spotted in the store’s warehouse.

“He has a blue bag on his head, inside the Value City Furniture. And that’s the color of the bags that they have at the grocery store. So he either picked it up inside the store or while he was walking around back,” Lt. Catlett said.

The man apparently left the warehouse once the alarm sounded. But minutes later, a second man is spotted inside the Value City warehouse.

“He stole the cash register drawer with some cash in it. He took it out back behind the business, stole the money, and left the drawer behind,” Lt. Catlett said.

A small amount of cash was stolen, he said.

Police believe it is not a coincidence that the two men entered the store minutes apart.

“Two guys in the same area within a couple hours of each other. I’m sure they were most likely working together,” Lt. Catlett said.

Anyone with information about either man should call the Shrewsbury Police Department at 314-645-3000.