Gun-toting serial robber targeting stores from Maplewood to Granite City

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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. - Caught on camera, a robber sticking his gun into the faces of workers in at least five St. Louis area stores from Maplewood to Granite City.

A worker at the Boost Mobile phone store in Maplewood told Fox 2/News 11 she thought she was going to die.

"Bam, I’ve got a gun shoved in my face," she said.  "He shoved it in my face, went behind me, came in on the side of the counter.  He shoved it in my back right behind my heart.  At any given point I thought I was going to lose my life."

Surveillance video showed him pacing through the store and acting if he was on his cell phone for several minutes before he pulled the gun.

The four other crimes were very similar, police said, with the suspect always ordering his victims to lie on the floor and count to 100 as he cleans out the cash registers, then leaves.

He struck 5 times in the month of October alone, hitting Game Stop stores in Maplewood, Granite City, and St. Louis, along with the Boost Mobile store in Maplewood, and a T-Mobile store in Florissant.

He had a goatee in the robberies in Missouri but not in the last one in Granite City, October 30th.

In the Maplewood Game Stop robbery, he pulled a gun on the clerk as she was helping a boy at the counter.  Other customers seemed oblivious.

"He exposes that firearm.  He's pretty wild with it," said Maplewood Police Detective, David Brown.  "The kid (at the counter) doesn't know it's a real gun or what's going on with it.  He's within a couple of feet.  There's so many things that can go wrong.”

Right now, he feels like he has control.  One thing changes, we're reporting a completely different story with this, for sure."

Game stop is offering a $2000 reward.  If you recognize the suspect, call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8744) to get the reward.  All CrimeStoppers tips are anonymous.

You can also call Detective Brown at (314) 646-3658 or police in Granite City, Florissant, St. Louis or the FBI at (314) 589-2500.


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