ST. LOUIS – We begin with the storm swirling around St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Last week, lawyers went to court to argue her motion to dismiss the Missouri Attorney General’s case to remove her from office. And now there’s news she could go to jail.

Also on the program this week:

MoDOT put up signs on Interstate 70 to honor a fallen Marine from Wentzville, but then sent a bill to the Marine’s family. In our quote of the week, state lawmakers call it an embarrassment for Missouri.

Congresswoman Cori Bush continues to pay her husband tens of thousands of dollars from her campaign fund.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is calling for President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats to steep spending cuts in exchange for Republicans to support raising the debit ceiling in order to avoid default and keep the country out of a looming economic disaster. His proposal calls for a pull-back of unspent COVID relief funds, cutting the number of IRS agents, and prohibiting student loan forgiveness for the wealthy. He called the debt a ticking time bomb. President Biden has said he will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker keeps surfacing as a potential candidate for President of the United States.