ST. LOUIS – It was another Sunday morning of sometimes heated but always civil political debate on Hancock and Kelley, for Aug. 13, 2023.

John Hancock, a Republican consultant, on the right, and Michael Kelley, a Democrat consultant, on the left, took on the following topics:

  • Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s visit to St. Louis to break ground on a new plant to make components for electric vehicle batteries. She touted President Joe Biden’s push to transition to 100% clean energy in America by 2035 as a key driver of the economy of the future.
  • The ongoing woes of AB InBev in the wake of the Bud Light transgender promotional campaign and a new quote from Busch heir Billy Busch, who said his ancestors would be rolling in their graves over the issue.
  • Residents in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood voted to tax themselves to pay for private security and neighborhood upkeep as the City of St. Louis continues to fail to provide adequate services for its residents, from policing to 911 dispatching.
  • Ohio voters defeated a measure to require a 60% majority on ballot issues to amend the state constitution. This paves the way for a simple majority to ease abortion restrictions in November and may be a sign of what’s ahead for Missouri, which is grappling with the exact same issues.
  • The ongoing legal woes for former President Donald Trump and President Biden’s son, Hunter: are their different standards being applied to protect Hunter Biden?
  • The FBI shot and killed a man in Utah who was threatening to kill President Biden. The man had posted repeated threats against Democrats and prosecutors working on cases against former President Trump.
  • Freedom 13 families—the families of those killed during the bloody U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan—say the Biden Administration is lying to them about what happened. The House Foreign Affairs Committee is ramping up its investigation.
  • Our quote of the week was from Missouri Governor Mike Parson, who is showing off his new tattoo – his first!

Remember, if It’s Sunday in St. Louis, it’s Hancock and Kelley on Fox 2. We hope to see you next week!