ST. LOUIS – We begin this week’s episode by “hamming it up.” Candidates in the Missouri gubernatorial race and the U.S. Senate seat visited the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia to participate in a ham breakfast. Among the top issues facing the candidates is whether voters should decide on legalizing abortion on the November 2024 ballot.

Also on the agenda this week:

  • St. Louis officials need your input on how to spend the NFL settlement money and on how to reuse the former Workhouse prison. Would they dare use one to pay for the other?
  • After more than a decade, the city cannot figure out what to do about a man and woman living in squalor on sidewalks in front of people’s homes.
  • Former President Donald Trump is indicted for the fourth time; this time in Georgia. Trump promised to reveal proof of election fraud at a news conference this coming week, but then changed his mind.
  • There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding Mizzou football. It’s coming more from the state legislature than the practice field. The coach praised a new state law that makes it easier to pay athletes to play for the Tigers.
  • Our Quote of the Week is from the St. Charles County Council addressing drag and dress codes at the library.