We begin with the shockwaves still rippling through St. Louis government. Three powerful members of the board of aldermen were this past week indicted for allegedly taking bribes.

Long-time Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed says he’s staying on the job. Alderman John Collins-Muhammad resigned last month ahead of the indictments. And Alderman Jeffrey Boyd resigned Friday, the day after the indictments were announced.

Federal investigators have audio recordings and text messages of all three repeatedly accepting cash payments and campaign contributions worth thousands of dollars in exchange for their help in pushing through tax breaks and city contracts for a new trucking company and gas station in Collins-Muhammad’s ward.

Also on the program this week:

  • In the wake of repeated gun massacres, President Joe Biden goes primetime to discuss gun control. The president also steps in it regarding the baby formula crisis, saying he only became aware of the problem weeks ago in April.
  • Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker brings his re-election campaign to town, promising to make Illinois an “island” for those seeking abortion services.
  • St. Louis soccer superstar Becky Sauerbrunn is honored after making history off the field in the business of women’s sports.