ST. LOUIS – A big week in the case of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and the Missouri attorney general’s effort to oust her from office.

Tuesday was the deadline for Gardner to file and answer to Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s lawsuit. He’s trying to get a judge to throw her out of office. She responded Tuesday night before the deadline, saying Bailey’s actions were a power grab and the AG’s suit should be dismissed.

She said that the cases the attorney general is criticizing were handled by others in her office.

Meanwhile, one of the major elements of the attorney general’s lawsuit is the Janae Edmonson tragedy, where the teenage volleyball player’s legs had to be amputated following a car crash involving Daniel Riley, a man on house arrest with 94 violations. AG Bailey says Riley should have been behind bars and claims Gardner is responsible for him being out free and causing the tragic crash. The next step is a hearing.

Also on the show this week:

  • The major fight over whose going to control the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. There’s a move in the state legislature to return the department to state control, where it had been for 140 years.
  • Huge news this week, with the failure of two big U.S. banks, sparking fears on Wall Street and beyond, and prompting President Joe Biden to make a special address to the nation to calm nerves.
  • An historic vote in the City of St. Louis that votes under the new set-up of 14 aldermen instead of 28.
  • Former President Donald Trump says he expects to be arrested in the days to come. This comes as presidential hopefuls are lining up to challenge him in 2024 for the Republican nomination.